Proven Leadership
in Solar Energy.

AETPL, formed in May 1999, is engaged in manufacturing, sales and service of Solar Photovoltaic products (SPV).  Manufacture and supply of solar lanterns, solar PV modules & solar mini modules and is currently exporting modules to over 6 countries.


Solar Photovoltaic Modules convert sunlight directly into electricity. The solar photovoltaic modules consist of photovoltaic cells made of Silicon, a semiconductor material, encapsulated between a glass top and special bottom.

Today Andromeda launched a new solar thermal power plant solution for its utility customers that combines the company’s high-efficiency LPT solar thermal technology with proven two-tank molten-salt storage capabilities.
Close to 70% of India’s population lives in Villages.. Even the electrified villages suffer from scanty power supply. With the number of people without access to electricity in the vicinity of 400 million, the situation is in need of urgent solution.
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